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Since I started working as an interior designer I have learned one thing: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Be it for your home or for your commercial reality, I will always follow your own style.

Your home will please you, and your commercial space or store have to be appreciated by your target.

I will prescribe the conditions for well living, ensuring that the project will be aesthetically and functionally consistent. Moreover, I will make certain that the colors are the right ones depending on the function of the environment, and that the lights will guarantee the visual comfort for you and your guests.



unacasa is the online design service for private spaces.

The house is our third skin, a place where we can better express ourselves. The right balance between aesthetics elements and functionality is the goal that I establish for each project.

You need unacasa if you are moving into a new apartment and you want to restore it, or if you wish to give new life to a room by changing only its textiles and colors.




unobiettivo is the design and brand identity service for commercial realities.

unobiettivo offers comprehensive consultancy services: from concept to technical supervision, from branding to the definition of the design elements, from a functional layout to a windows display service and professional photography.

You need unobiettivo if you’re opening a new commercial space or if your business needs a new face.




unostaging is the home staging service that provides for the establishment of real estate properties in order to improve their image and promote their sale or rental.

Recent statistics show that in Italy a staged property sells in 77.2% less of the time than average. We have only one chance to make a good first impression!

You need unostaging if you want to sell or rent your home quickly, avoiding all the operating costs of an house present for too long on the market.




unamostra is the setting and organizing service for cultural events.

The success of a cultural event is closely related to its organization, communication and setting.

You need unamostra if you want to organize a cultural event but you do not know where to start, or if the event is almost ready but you need a designer for the setting.