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The news is that unprogetto is my new interior design blog

The news is that I live in Turin
The news is that I feel at home

Hello world, unprogetto opens like this, as a piece of news, at least for me.

On these pages you will find Carlotta, her passions, her manias. You will find a lot of design and many people that from time to time will reach me. unprogetto is my interior design blog.

You will also find many repetitions, because life is sometimes so.
Mail me if I’m boring you, if you would like to hear about a particular story or if you want a whole new home that fully reflects you.

I am here, in front of the screen of my computer, and I have a mad desire to get out and take a walk. Maybe we can do it together?

If you want to read all the last news about interior design, read the BLOG!

If you want to see my interior design project, watch my PORTFOLIO!

If you want to read more about us, you can find all the team in the ABOUT page!


Yes, I know. The website is empty. Every project start with an almost empty structure. 🙂

I honestly love this interior design blog 😉