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We moved to Torino some years ago, it was October 2016 and we both wanted to live the city, as adults instead of students.

Torino was the choice: it’s a much more on a human scale city than Milan and it’s pretty close to the region of Ligury, where we come from.

In the last two years we’ve been growing up, we’ve been getting in touch with the city and knowing new people (and some of them are now our associates and travel mates)

Now, two years have passed and everything seems to move forward well, so we need a change.

There’s a moment when people need to step forward in a relationship; it could be having a baby, a new home, a marriage, a job, a relocation or simply a new experience.

No, wait. We don’t marry and we are not with child. However, Davide and I decided to buy a new home.

We’re used to work online, so we started to looking for the available advertisements

Looking for home on the web

Francesca suggested us, a gateway where buying and renting houses, or post an announcement.

She said the service was easy, fast and intuitive, so we took her advice and had a look at the website.

Francesca was right; works easily and in few steps we insert our useful information to filter the research: from thousands of announcements we got to just a few tens, the ones we are interesting in and we can allow.

Budget, quarter, number of places and square metres: the picture of the announcement are clear and show the interior in a professional and precise way.

Another characteristic is offering the possibilities of signing up to create your own list of your favourite houses.

Our list is currently counting 15 announcements, but it’s going to increase.

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