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Both a small balcony in the city centre and a big terrace on the sea must be carefully designed because the outdoor space could reveal a strenght for the whole apartement.

In the case of wide surfaces, the risk of making wrong choices or setting the elements in a patchy way is very high.

Here some seven pieces of advice to better set your terrace:

1. Look at the state of affairs

unopiù how to furnish your terrace

First of all, stop and observe. How big is it? What are its strenghts? What is better to be hidden? What’s the best view? When is it exposed to the sun?

Well, start to write down what is important and try understand what needs to be enhanced and what doesn’t, instead.

2. What are your necessities?

unopiù how to furnish your terrace

As I always say, there’s not a priori perfect project. Every project is perfect for the one who lives there.

That’s why, after having found the min features of the context, it’s important to analyze your own needs and understand how to use that space, in which period and how many people are going to use it.

This is the way of deeply understanding the needs.

Is it necessary a big table for the meals with friends or it may be better some sofas? Or would it rather be a place where to read and listen to sound of the nature?

What activities will take place on the terrace? And what objects will you need?

This a very important phase to verify the compatibility between needs and concrete possibilities in terms of spaces and budget.

 3. Define the spaces

unopiù how to furnish your terrace

If the terrace has wide dimensions, it’s necessary to define the spaces in relation to their functions. You don’t have to physically divide the spaces, but it’s very important that every part has a clear function.

The relax zone, for example, must be separated from the gathering one and every zone must be designed, paying attention to light and shades.

4. Pay attentiont to the balance between design and functionability

unopiù how to furnish your terrace

Whether for the interior design the resarch of a functional and long-lasting forniture is really important, as far as the outdoor is concerned this is fundamental.

You must think of which materials are suitable the outdoor and rely on brands which pay attention to the details.

Unopiù is an Italian brand, that in less then 40 years has affirmed as an outdoor company with a unique collection: rich, vary and with a large choice of materials for every need.

Teak, steel, wrought-iron, ropes and synthetic fibers, leather and stone are evergreen materials, hand made like the past traditions, which live together with an advanced research and high technology.

Unopiù forniture are subjected to innovative techniques of preservation, so that they can stay outdoor for a long time. Whatsmore, they don’t need much care, because they’re conceived to last for a long time.

5. Select ta uniform forniture between indoor and outdoor

unopiù how to furnish your terrace

It’s important the terrace has a continuity with the interior, in order to tear down the border between indoor and outdoor and open up the house space. You could set some objects referred to the interior world.

Well, it’s impossibile to bring outside some pieces of interior forniture (because of the weather), there are some outdoor pieces giving a fresh sense of innovation.

unopiù how to furnish your terrace

Two perfect concrete examples are two icons Unpiù: Ginger and Emy two armchairs, whose teak structure has been rexamined in leather covering. Soft and silky, the leather is hand-woven, by the ancient tradition from Tuscany called “concia al vegetaler”, able to transform the rough materials into leather through a process with the tannin of trees.

unopiù how to furnish your terrace

6. Do not forget the green area

unopiù how to furnish your terraceunopiù how to furnish your terrace

The choice of the forniture must take into account the design of the green elements, the weather and green thumber of the owners. Choose then the most suitable plants with their vases and planters.

7. Enlight your terrace

unopiù how to furnish your terrace

Once you defined the areas, chosen the pieces of forniture, do not forget that the terrace could be used at night as well, just let’s think to a good lighting.

In this case, it’s important that the pieces of forniture and the lighting bodies are coherent in terms of design: if you flip through the Unopiù catalogue it gets easier to find the right matching.

unopiù how to furnish your terrace

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