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Pachira aquatica also known as Malabar nut has large, five/nine-pointed leaves of a beautiful bright green. it is a tropical plant native to the wetlands and marshes of central and south America. Its name is thought to derive from Creole and belongs to the same Baobab family. Due to this special relationship, it can rise up to 18/20 meters in nature. If grown in pot instead, it can reach about 3 meters.

Species: Pachira

Variety: Pachira aquatica

Family: Bombacaceae

In its natural habitat it produces very showy and fragrant flowers from December to March. The petals, which open to show bright red and white stamens, resemble banana peels. The fruits are edible and very similar to cocoa beans.

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How do I make Pachira happy?

Like all indoor plants, it is important to be able to recreate environmental conditions similar to those of origin. In the case of Pachira, just keep the soil slightly humid, temperatures around 20/25 degrees. The best light is diffused light, it does not like to be exposed to direct sunlight. Check scrupulously not to create stagnations and never to lower the temperatures too much. Spray the leaves regularly or get a humidifier if the environment in which you live is particularly dry.

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Where do I fix my Pachira?

Pachira needs more heights than large spaces, it can in fact reach up to 3 meters in height. Having a discreet and unobtrusive bearing it is perfect both in a corner of the house or in a group, close to other plants. It is a plant that can grow a lot over the years, especially if placed in the right environmental conditions.

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Do not forget…

Fertilizes once a month only during the months in which the plant grows, Spring and Summer. You can use a complete liquid fertilizer for green plants (with macro and micro elements). Always pay attention to the doses and don’t overdo it!
Clean the leaves regularly with a damp cloth and if you have dogs or cats, remember that ficus is a plant toxic to pets.

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What about the vase for my Pachira?

It is a plant with a bottle stem, with a broad base that narrows upwards. Elegant and slender it adapts well to minimal vases or to more important and elaborate vases. Follow the soft shape of the leaves and opt for a vase with rounded shapes, pastel or bright colors, the important thing is that they are in line with the decor and style of the house.

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Photography: Davide Buscaglia

Styling: Valeria Icardi e Carlotta Berta

Plants: Yougardener

Vases: Veca

Accessories: Epoca Spa

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