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Mr Orange is a straw.

So far, so good. Nothing special. Except this straw is made of aluminium and that with it you can drink an orange, directly.

That’s right.

Mr Orange is a straw that allows you to drink directly from citrus fruits: oranges, lemons, grapefruits, navels and tangerines.

Mr Orange design gift idea

The story of Mr Orange

This project was founded about a year ago with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and that’s how Ulrico and Nicolò started producing their eco-straws that you can use endless times and wash in the washing machine.

The way it works is fairly simple: you insert the straw in the orange, and then you use it to squeeze the juice against the internal walls of the fruit. The small holes on the bottom of the straw make sure that the procedure doesn’t get blocked. Apparently, Ulrico and Nicolò had to drink oranges for several months before reaching the optimal prototype.  

Mr Orange design gift idea

And that’s where I come in. I tried the straw for the first time with a group of friends by the swimming pool [see the final video] and I brought it with me in Calabria to drink oranges for breakfast and to feel like a champion of the healthy lifestyle.

The season wasn’t exactly the right one to test this product, but winter is coming, and with it not only the white walkers 😉 Head cold is on its way, and I’m ready!

I will bring Mr Orange with me all the time, and on every trip, and I will be able to drink oranges; without fuss and without getting dirty.

Mr Orange design gift idea

Finally, in short, if you too want to drink oranges for breakfast, or if you want to show off at work drinking fruit on your lunch break, you can find Mr Orange on the online shop.

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