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We are done. unviaggio | CUBA is online.

I don’t really know what it is: unviaggio is a guide, as well as a simple story and a photography book. As usual, we hadn’t planned it: we wanted to enjoy our two weeks holiday with no worries. Davide always took pictures and I didn’t look at the mobile. 

Then we came back home and Davide’s pictures were so many and all wonderful; we decided then to collect them in an e-book.

I created the structure selecting the pic and then we statt writing.

unviaggio cuba book travel journal

Result: a shared story with few saggestions and a lot of emotions, ending with a great “thanks” to everyone who contributed to make our journey special.

unviaggio cuba book travel journal

It’s perfect if you want to go to Cuba, but you don’t know what to expect, if you love not-organized journeys and if you want some suggestion on the ile!

Do not expect a real guide full of information. unviaggio is more a story than a list of reccomendations.

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