• ADI Ceramic and bathroom design award 2018

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In occasion of the exhibition The Sound of Design, ADI Ceramic & Bathroom Design Award 2018 have taken place.

The prize was born from the collaboration between ADI (Assocation for industrial design) e Cersaie to enhance the most innovative products among the ones exposed at the fair.

The commission gave six prizes who’ll allow to these products to be pre-selected for the glamorous ADI Design Index 2019.

The design meets the ceramic world and the one of the bathroom with six innovative products from the point of view of technology and function.

Here are six products that have been rewarded with the corresponding motivation.

1. 20PURE

adi ceramics and bathroom design award 2018

manufacturer: Ceramica Fondovalle S.p.a.

design: Ceramica Fondovalle S.p.a.

It’s a reimagining of a productive system, boosting the ceramic slab as material, permitting whatever type of cutting and processing of the surface.

2. Jointed e Diamond

ADI Ceramic and bathroom design award 2018Manufacturer: Mosaico+

design: Massimo Nadalini, Eleonora Moriconi e Mosaico+

Starting from the tile and the grout line, the tradition of the mosaic is overcome, generating a new perception of the surface.

3. Segments

adi ceramics and bathroom design award 2018Manufacturer: Decoratori Bassanesi

design: Guglielmo Poletti

A new ceramic project, which through the single detail creates a structured decoration with infinite possibilities and compositions.

4. Natura 4000

ADI Ceramic and bathroom design award 2018

manufacturer: Duka

design: Alois Rabensteiner

The idea of the anchoring, good-looking and functional, creates a wide range of solutions, attentive to the users’ experiences.

5. Simple

adi ceramics and bathroom design award 2018

manufacturer: Rubinetterie Stella

design: Gianpaolo Benedini

The project of a sink with a lot of combinations, which turns into a pro-active element of innovation for the brand, bringing innovation to the products, the process and the service.

6. Sistema Pietrablu

ADI Ceramic and bathroom design award 2018

manufacturer: Arblu

design: Ricerca e Sviluppo Arblu

An idea of surface decoration turns into a system of coordinated bathroom forniture, leading to the innovation of a productive process through a well-structured partnership net.

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