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#zuhausesein, it’s hard to read, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity: it means #beingathome and it’s a contest to win a piece of furniture from a German manufacturer and take part to imm Cologne.

Everybody knows, I am a big fan of the Cologne trade fairs, and in particular of imm Cologne, which is taking place from January, 13th to 19th 2020.

You can imagine my happiness when I discovered that this year I can offer my followers the chance to win a piece of furniture made in Germany (and visit this fair with me).

Well, let’s take a step back: VDM, the German association of furniture manufacturers, organized this year an international photo contest and chose me as a juror!

The name of the contest is #zuhausesein, that is #beingathome.

The question the Association asks all participants is:

What does #zuhausesein mean to you?

What is #beingathome to you?

Here you can find my answer.

To answer, each participant can send from one to ten photographs, one for each category identified by VDM:

  1. Outdoor Living
  2. Tiny Spaces
  3. The hallway – the ticket to your home
  4. Kitchen Lover
  5. Relaxed sleeping
  6. The living room – my private retreat
  7. The bathroom – the private wellness temple
  8. Living with children
  9. Working at Home
  10. Other forms of living (e.g. caravans)

concorso #zuhausesein imm colonia premio #beingathome

There will be 10 winners, and each of them will win:

  • A piece of furniture from a German furniture manufacturer.
  • Integration of the winning motif at the photo exhibition at imm cologne 2020.
  • Two tickets plus one overnight stay for the imm cologne 2020, where the VDM provides a travel allowance of up to 500 euros (the winner has to make the booking himself, VDM refunds it).
  • Integration of the winning motif in the “German Design Book 2020”.

How to participate to #beingathome contest?

To participate to the photo contest, you have to:

  1. Follow VDM on Facebook (@zuhauseseinVDM), Instagram (@zuhausesein_VDM) and Twitter (@zuhausesein)*
  2. Send by 18 August 2019 at 23:59:59 to the email address an email containing:
    • Name of the category in which you want to participate
    • The picture you want to submit (minimum 300 dpi)
    • Your data:
      • Name
      • Date of birth
      • Country
      • Telephone and email
      • Name on social media channels (so that VDM can check if the competitor has clicked the channels)
  3. Share the photo on instagram with the hashtags #zuhausesein and #beingathome and the tag to the Association @zuhausesein_VDM

* if you are not present on all these channels, just follow VDM on the channels on which you have a profile.

To participate you must be of legal age and you must allows VDM usage (with full credit to participant) of your image on their social channels, website or publications in conjunction with the #zuhausesein campaign.

You can participate with a maximum of one photo for each category, for a total of up to 10 photographs.

In practice, the Association gives you 10 possibilities to win prizes and, above all, to participate in the fair.

The winners will be announced between August, 26th and 31st .

The Prizes 

But let’s move on to the most interesting thing: the prizes.

As I mentioned, in addition to participating in the photographic exhibition, the publication in the German Design Book 2020 and the possibility of participating in the imm Cologne fair, which as I have told you several times, deserves a lot, for each category there is a piece at stake furniture:

1. Outdoor Living: SK 07 Ritual bowl by Janua

concorso #zuhausesein imm colonia premio

2. Tiny Spaces: black Super Light lamp, by Bordbar

concorso #zuhausesein imm colonia premio

3. The hallway – the ticket to your home: Line wardrobe by Schönbuch (one of the colors in the picture above)

concorso #zuhausesein imm colonia premio

4. Kitchen Lover: white Fabella lamp, by Caussa

concorso #zuhausesein imm colonia premio

5. Relaxed sleeping: Pfeife nightstand, by Vitamin Design

concorso #zuhausesein imm colonia premio

6. The living room – my private retreat: antracite Rolf Benz 953 footstool, by Rolf Benz

concorso #zuhausesein imm colonia premio

7. The bathroom – the private wellness temple: L-cube shelf, by Duravit (the winner can choose the surface)

concorso #zuhausesein imm colonia premio

8. Living with children: blue Birdy footstool, by Hülsta

concorso #zuhausesein imm colonia premio

9. Working at Home: green cantilever chair (with white structure), by Tojo

concorso #zuhausesein imm colonia premio

10. Other forms of housing: S18 side table, by Thonet

concorso #zuhausesein imm colonia premio

In short, what do you think?

Will you participate in this contest?

I swear to you that I would definitely participate, if only I wasn’t part of the jury;)


I’ll leave you with all the useful VDM links:

Website #zuhausesein / #beingathome:

Facebook Page @zuhausseseinVDM

Instagram Profile @zuhausesein_vdm

Twitter Profile @zuhausesein