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Design Lab. Design and craftsmanship.

Design and craftsmanship. What are they? What sets them apart? The truth is that I don’t have an answer, but I love them both: I’m utterly and constantly attracted to them.

So, when Leroy Merlin invited me to take part in their Design Lab with Andrea I was very happy.

Back to Design Lab: what is it?

Design Lab is a project launched by Leroy Merlin and Slow/d, that culminated in the creation of five objects using exclusively materials and tools that one can find in any Leroy Merlin store.

A project combining design and craftsmanship, that allows anybody to experiment with materials and tools. It’s a way to bring DIY enthusiasts closer to the idea of design, that very often remains only on paper.

Here are the five objects:

LIS by Andrea Pascucci

A wall hanger made with copper pipes and wooden staves.

Design Lab Leroy Merlin LIS-di-Andrea-PascucciDesign Lab Leroy Merlin LIS-di-Andrea-Pascucci

LUMIERE by Eleonora Musca

A table candlestick made with copper pipes to create the support base and small wooden staves for the candles.


COX by Matteo Canzio

A table lamp in the shape of a small ball, easy to make using a threaded steel pipe, a shelf hanger and a light diffuser for composable spotlights.

SESTO by Alberto Ghirardello

A coffee table in laminated spruce timber supported by metal tubes.

Design Lab Leroy Merlin TAVOLINO-SESTO Design Lab Leroy Merlin TAVOLINO-SESTO

GIARDINO PRIVATO by Eleonora Musca

A glass vase made with copper tubes, where you can put individual flowers to create a floral arrangement that is reminiscent of a flower garden.


On the Leroy Merlin website you can find all 5 projects, each with its tutorial video, instructions and a list of the materials.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s a fantastic idea.

Have a nice week guys.

On Friday I’ll be back to you with my own DIY project.