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This brilliant idea comes from Japan: a tension rod to be installed between two surfaces, floor -ceiling, wall-wall, where you can lay shelves, for example.

Draw a line comes from a joint project between Heian Shindo and the creative duo Tent, even though the idea is not that new. Actually, already in the 50s Heian Shindo started producing these rods, which took off immediately. This success, though, didn’t last long. “We couldn’t find a way to develop and improve the existing product,” CEO Kayoko Takeuchi explains, “even I wasn’t attracted by any existing products of our company! it was as if the original product was far better than what we were selling at that moment”

Heian Shindo e Tent

That’s why we asked creative duo for suggestions in order to create a new brand. “What shall we produce to meet both our and your features?” we wondered and the idea of Draw a Line came out. Innovating the original product  simply starting from the concept of a line.


draw a line heian shindo interior design

draw a line heian shindo interior design

Exactly like a line on white paper, the rod of Draw a Line is transferred three-dimensionally in a domestic space. Simplicity and unique Japanes style meet in a single object. Every customer can adjust it to their needs: it can become a clothes hanger in the hall, a source of light can be hooked to it either near the sofa or the bed and it can even  be a support for a shelf. The solutions are countless and all of them customized.

How to use it

draw a line heian shindo interior design


A strength of Draw a Line is that you don’t need to drill through the wall; two opposite surfaces are enough to place it.

Either vertical or horizontal, Draw a Line is a perfect, linear solution to save space.

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