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We usually think of hammocks based outdoors, when it actually is getting more and more popular in the interior design world!

However, indoor hammocks are just beautiful pieces of furniture able to inspire a sensation of relax and comfort!

They could be set in a corner in the living room or in the bedroom, to create the right place to read a book or take a nap.

indoor hammock

It goes without saying, it requires a pretty wide space, better if an open space, airy and quiet where the hammock could find the right collocation and privacy.

Can you imagine how nice would be to lull, while listening to some good music or reading a book in the cozy four walls?

Not enough space for an Hammock? Have a look to some hanging chairs.

indoor hammock inspirationsvia

The best place for an hammock is definetely in the corner. However, it’s perfect even next to the window or in the super scenographic version in the middle of the living room, hanging at the ceiling.

The interior hammock will help to create a relax area, that decorates the environment turning it into a ethereal and playful place!

indoor hammock inspirationsvia

indoor hammock inspirationsvia

The indoor hammock is usually realized in soft cotton fibers, interwoven in different ways to create geometrical patterns in an ethnic and esotic mood.

You can find the crocheted ones, rich of droopy fringes swinging with the movement of the hammock or, in the end, with some fancy tassels.

indoor hammock

indoor hammock

Amache indoor | how to set them

Let’s move on to the more technical side: how to set them.

The hooks could be placed on two different walls of the house, one next to another so cover the lenght of the hammock itself when it’s open, or on the ceiling.

Choose a brick or cement wall and avoid the ones in plasterboard (this is essential!).

Place the hooks at the right height and that’s it!

It’s perfect also hung onto a mezzanine

indoor hammock inspirationsbaomoi

indoor hammock

The indoor hammock could be a fun alternative to some chairs, both in the living room or in another place; your guests can use it instead of the couch, while swinging and chatting.

indoor hammock

It could be a good ally in the studio, where to comfortably reflect or to take a break, as well as in the children bedroom to make and fun environment.

indoor hammock inspirations

On the market you will find a lot of types, colours and shapes!

While you choos it, pay attention to its production: online I found Tropilex, whose products are made and refined by hand by traditional workers from Colombia and India. The enterprise follows closely the production with a great attention to the working conditions: it always check the “about us” of the retailers. These are little actions to support a sustainable trade.

indoor hammock inspirations

These are my favourite:

  1. Comfort Black
  2. Vegas Taupe
  3. Rope Black

Check them on Tropilex.


— This article is written in collaboration with Tropilex. As usual, al the opinions are mine. Hope you’ll be willing to support our the brands!