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Ale Giorgini interview

I met him at Paratissima, during the Turin Art Week. I noticed that I was staring at an illustrator sketching on a IFbag. I looked up and I realized that the hand belonged to him, Ale Giorgini, the Italian illustrator from Vicenza who is able to create illustrations with a unique style.
I hesitated a moment “It’s wonderful. How long did it take you to make it? ” He looked at his watch “One hour…more or less” “Wow…it’s wonderful. Have a good evening” “You too”. I continued my walk thinking about all the questions I wanted to ask him. So, I decided to come back.

Ale Giorgini interview

Ale Giorgini interview - italian illustrator

What’s the link between your life and your artworks?

From an aesthetic point of view, the way I sketch, my graphic sign is part of me because it’s the translation of all the influences that remind me my childhood: the cartoons I watched on tv, the illustrated books I read, all that seventies world which goes from The Flintstones to Miroslav Sasek, Paul Campani and Jim Flora. Aesthetics is a part of me because it is deeply visceral.
What I draw, at the same time, is part of my vision and my passions and it’s always linked to an external input: a movie I watched, a situation in which I’m involved, a dream or an hope.

Ale Giorgini interview - italian illustrator - love Ale Giorgini interview - italian illustrator - love

Which is more important to you, the graphic sign or the subject?

Actually, it’s a problem I never thought about. For sure, people remember me for the graphic sign, more than for what I draw. Despite this, I think they go hand in hand: one functional to the other. Using my style to draw bucolic landscapes would not work; a crowd of people walking in town becomes functional to that graphical approach.

Ale Giorgini interview - italian illustrator - love Ale Giorgini interview - italian illustrator - love

Describe your artworks as if you needed to describe them to someone who cannot see.

Wow… [some seconds of silence] …Imagine to be at a middle school party, with your friends – the orange juice glass in your hands – and, at some point the lights go out. You cannot see what’s happening but you can feel that everything is connected. This is what I like to do: to create environments, landscapes and situations in which everything is connected. I become you, you become the phone, and the phone becomes the words I’m saying… Imagine a thread that tells stories: as in real life, everything is connected even if we cannot see it.

The link between interior, design and illustration.

Ale Giorgini interview - italian illustrator - love Ale Giorgini interview - italian illustrator - love

I’ve seen Mobi, can you please tell me something about that?

Mobi was a challenge born from the meeting with a designer from Vicenza.  We had never met each other before, we met in the hall of an exhibition. Hes was passionate about my work and I became passionate about his ability to turn print on paper into something three-dimensional. Everything started as a bet he made with me: “Why don’t you draw an object of common use by addressing the challenge as an illustrator? You don’t have to think about the structure or the function. You have only to tell a story with that object.”

I thought about a kid’s bedside table, about the good night, and about fairy tales. Among the sketches, there was that whale with Pinocchio inside. The project has been implemented by MYYOUR, that has put the lamp in production. We are very satisfied.

Ale Giorgini interview - italian illustrator - love

Which is the place in your home that you like the most?

My favourite place is definitely the living room, because it represents me. My home is an old sixties house, renovated, and the living room is large and bright, and I’m surrounded by things I love: the movie posters, my DVDs, my whiskey collections, my objects and the toys that I collected.
The place in the house that I love most is the sofa, where I watch movies and TV series and where everyday I have this kind of ritual with my dog: after lunch we stay together on the sofa and we watch tv.

Reality TV in the 2016 | photography by Davide Buscaglia | That’s amore | Mobi lamp