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I’ve always been fascinated by the histories of the enterprises, as I love observing the processes that led to the production of new design icons.

Needless to say, I strongly believe the history of Italian design has been made both by the designers and the illuminated entrepreneurs, namely during the 70s.

That’s why, since the first encounter with Andrea Lupi, I’ve thought that it was pretty necessary to have an interview with him, in order to make an idea of the current Italian design and the bathroom forniture.

interview Andrea Lupi bathroom antoniolupi

Interview Andrea Lupi

Who’s Andrea Lupi?

Andrea Lupi is a 21-year-old guy, who entered in the family entreprise with his brothers, aware that after only two years, by becoming salesman, everything would has been changed.

My reference point has always been the fashion field, where (almost everywhere) everything was allowed. The top brands were able to influence the public, as far as clothing, colours, eating and travelling were concerned.

This awareness led me and antoniolupi not to make constant market analysis or always asking to external consultants. I’ve always carry on what I believe: I’m sure the strenght of the company is realizing products I love. What was crazy to the others, it was brilliant to me.

The courage to dare: here is Andrea Lupi.

interview Andrea Lupi bathroom antoniolupi

interview Andrea Lupi bathroom antoniolupi

What does it mean to you being the artistic director of an historical Italian entreprise?

It’s an everyday challange to show what we are and our value… To tell the real antoniolupi.

To me, being the creative director of antoniolupi means influence with my ideas the choices of my costumers and the market trends.

interview Andrea Lupi bathroom antoniolupi

intervista Andrea Lupi arredo bagno antoniolupi

What’s your perspective about antoniolupi today?

I am very proud to having brought antoniolupi to be a top international entreprise. My future perspectives are to keep producing products that reflect my insights on the design, to create what I like.

interview Andrea Lupi bathroom antoniolupi

The creative process of antoniolupi

How does it work the realization of an antoniolupi product?

The process is pretty easy: I just ask designers to show me some projects and then I choose the ones that move me, the different ones, with a creative side.

interview Andrea Lupi bathroom antoniolupi

How much does antoniolupi has to do with family tradition and how much with innovation?

Anotniolupi is both things: the two values cannot be divided. There wouldn’t be antoniolupi without my father, as well as without my brothers and I who carry it out with passion and dedication. On the other hand, there wouldn’t be antoniolupi without research, innovation and quality that have made it famous all around the world.

interview Andrea Lupi bathroom antoniolupi

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At Andrea Lupi’s

Tell me about an object you like of your own house

My house is an object… It’s me who designed it and it’s a box containing the elements which are part of me.

My house is my heart, is my treasure: I didn’t rely on architects, but I built and curated it all by myself.

interview Andrea Lupi bathroom antoniolupi

This is a question I always ask during my interview: What’s the difference between art and design?

Arte è un oggetto da possedere, design è fare prodotti con cui le aziende fatturano. Art is an object to have, to possess, design is making commercial products, which are source of revenue.

interview Andrea Lupi bathroom antoniolupi

interview Andrea Lupi bathroom antoniolupi

Picture: Asa, Nisi, Masa, vases in Cristalmood

interview Andrea Lupi bathroom antoniolupi

interview Andrea Lupi bathroom antoniolupi

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