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In addition to the must-see 5vie, this year I want to dedicate myself to the independent design, so I chose ZONA SANTAMBROGIO as a district to discover far and wide, especially DOUTDESign 2017 Exhibition.

I mentioned the district in general, but I still have not told you that unprogetto and WEBLOG are among the media partners of the area [pride moment].

Return to us: the main event in Zona Santambrogio, as well as the one that intrigues me, will be DOUTDESign 2017.

DOUTDESign 2017

Now in its fifth edition, this year the exhibition is dedicated to the theme of environmental and social sustainability with the theme DESIGN TO SAVE, CHANGE, DREAM THE WORLD: an invitation to young designers under 35 to question the potential of design in the world social and environmental sustainability. DOUTDESign 2017 host emerging young designers, start-ups and innovative companies in the furniture industry, innovation and sustainability.

Here are my favorite among the products that will be on display:

Table Swing

Tania Falco | Francesca Liquori | Maria Del Vecchio

Table Swing DOUTDESIGN 2017 Santambrogio Milano

Table Swing is a table for kids, ages 3 to 6, that with a simple turnover transforms into a rocking chair. Made with wood and non-toxic paints for colors, it has a cured and minimal design that allows it to be quickly set up and dismantled by simple joints.


Luca Toscano | Maria Testelli | Luca Viscardi | Sara Monacchi

DOUTDESIGN 2017 Santambrogio Milano

MENELAVO is a family of four soaps in the shape of a brick. Each is designed to sensitize the Italian citizen to unauthorized construction. They are a sarcastic reaction to a practice the every day Italian citizen often “washes their hands” of.


Sara Lundberg

DOUTDESIGN 2017 Santambrogio Milano

Presence is a light-object that encourages interaction. The light pulsates rhythmically in a soothing (blue) color, creating an harmonic atmosphere. Presence reacts to movement. When you get closer, the color of the light intensifies. This invites to a playful contact between the object and the viewer.


Renske Rothuizen

DOUTDESIGN 2017 Santambrogio Milano

Hoppa is the sofa designed to entertain children. At first it seems a common sofa, but the feel of the game that you try sitting on this couch comes from an elastic base around the frame.

Panama Banana

Agota Rimsaite

DOUTDESIGN 2017 Santambrogio Milano

Panama Banana is a product for outdoor that can be used as a hammock but also as a network football for beach sports. A perfect combination for a nice relaxing day and activities at sea!

I expect a lot from this show, and I hope to meet some of the designers.

Maybe I will make them a few questions: you follow me on stories 🙂

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