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One of the most seen colours (together with Millenial Pink and Gen Z Yellow) has been Lichen green or Smoke Green; it’s some kind of dustier and more delicate than the normal green.

It has happened to design a living room for a young couple. They chose this colour for the wardrobe on the stairs and that’s precisely the colour that leads me to create the three moodboards.

We’re finishing the project in these days and I can’t wait to show the final result.

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Let’s g back to Lichen Green: it’s the perfect colour for a bright living room and could be used in many different ways:

Nordic Feeling

lichen green nordic feeling design


Nordic Feeling is the nordic version where green is the most intense colour of the palette. Forniture is light and minimal, in total nordic style.

Tips&Tricks: if you choose this type of moodboard, do not be afraid of empty spaces, they are actually the most important part of the room.


lichen green mustard yellow seventies design


In this moodboard Lichen Green constrasts with Mustard Yellow. In this palette there are not neutral colours, but just fight between green and yellow that must be totally balanced.

Tips&Tricks: the balance between yellow and green must be flawless. You should select the same shade for each and don’t choose objects of the same colours!


lichen green nordic feeling design

1 – 2 – 34 – 5 – 6

Botanica is the most classic moodbard. It’s not that different form the Nordic one, except for the neutral colours, here are beiges and not greys. Plants are the centre of the project: real or just ancient botanic prints.

Tips&Tricks: use colors without forgetting the materials. Antique wood or ruined paper are fundamental to make your room unique. You could look for the right tapestry among these ones.

Marta and Alex asked for help to decorate their house. The forniture was already bought, but they need some advice to make everything coherent and personal. After an hour-long chat, these three moodboards have been created. Some weeks later we had a 3D project with the objects to buy, the colour for the wall and the disposition of every element.

If you need an help as well, drop me an e-mail