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In other words, what on earth is this Milano Design Week?

I’ve been talking for months about Milano Design Week, Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone. I’ve been talking often about it, to everyone, and I’ve been suggesting to go and have a look during the weekend.

Up until today, when a friend asked me: all right, but what on earth is Fuorisalone? And so I wrote this post.

Every year, for 56 years now, Federlegno arredo organizes the Salone del Mobile, a furniture fair occupying 2000000 square meters and showcasing 2000 exhibitors. The leading Italian and international design brands set up their own spaces where they showcase their latest products, collections, materials… Inside the X pavilions there are thousands of people circulating: architects, designers, furniture stores owners, carpenters… anyone whose job has to do with design.

Why do they go? To keep up-to-date, to network, to discover new brands and new trends. It’s a fair: at its core the motivations are the same that you would find at a fishing fair, but it’s more beautiful, much more charming and captivating. As a result Milan is crammed with professionals who, like it or not, stay in the city. And so the city decided not to sit back and began creating collateral events.


Tortona, Ventura Lambrate, 5VIE, Zona Santambrogio, Brera Design District: different associations created genuine design district. Each with its own peculiarities, each with its own strengths. The showrooms come alive, the stores host designers and events. The streets are full of people. The city becomes an outdoors museum where you can lose yourself. The districts livens up the city and make the design accessible to all.

Design is a state of its own, and Milan is its capital.

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Next year Milano Design Week will be 18-22/04! Stay tuned!