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Petrified Carpets is the fourth installation to be included among my best of Fuorisalone.

When I arrived in the courtyard of Società di Incoraggiamento Arti & Mestieri (SIAM), in Via Santa Marta 18, I discovered Petrified Carpets.

At first glance I discerned a yard, an open, neat space, four elements in colorful concrete and an hollow space. Then I met Tomas Dirrix and Alessandra Covini, born in 1988, founders of Studio Ossidiana. They told me about the origins of Petrified Carpets.

This installation interprets the Persian rug as a map of an oriental garden, and associate architectural shapes to the embroidered patterns.

Petrified carpets Studio Ossidiana Fuorisalone 2017

On the Persian rug the hem, the roundel and the niche depicts an abstract version of the garden’s walls, central fountain and threshold.  Similarly, by experimenting with various working, colouring and finishing techniques, Studio Ossidiana turned these elements into concrete shapes. Different hues and different structures. This way they bestowed a new nature upon a material that, within the construction industry, has progressively lost its expressive potential.

Pigments, stones, sands and concrete are combined in different proportions in each object. And they recall the garden’s hues and reflections.

Petrified Carpets @ Fuorisalone 2017

Petrified carpets is in my best of list because it made the ultimate cold, soulless, rigid, algid material… soft.

Petrified carpets was a garden without a contour, an installation to admire without asking too  many questions, a project able to expose the potential of a material in a quiet way, whispering them through pastel hues and surfaces different to the touch and to the sight.

Petrified carpets Studio Ossidiana Fuorisalone 2017

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