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Sansevierias are evergreen perennials, very tough with strong, brilliant leaves. Coming from tropical Africa, there  are about 60 species. They are commonly called Snake Plants, in Italian “mother-in-law’s  tongue” but its scientific name was given by Raimondo Sangrio, prince of Sansevero in the eighteenth century. In some African areas thick hedges of Sansevieria surround homes because they are believed to ward off evil spirits. In this article you will read how to take care of Sansevieria.

Species: Sansevieria

Variety : Sansevieria Zeylannica

Family : Agavaceae

sanseveria advisce and how to take care

A study by NASA in 1989 found Sansevieria to be among the best plants for air purification.

How can I take care of Sansevieria?

These plants don’t need so much care and even though Sansevierias prefer medium light, they’ll also tolerate low light so you can easily place them in your home. Do not overwater them otherwise they will rot out. Always make sure the soil is almost completely dry before thoroughly watering again. They love warm temperatures and they don’t mind elevated ones, but in winter the perfect temperature is between 18 and 23 °. Generally they  do not tolerate humidity, so avoid spraying water onto leaves. Use a a soft damp cloth to clean the leaves.

sanseveria advisce and how to take care

Where shall I place my Sansevieria?

It fits in to almost any locations in the home. These discreet but elegant plants grow orderly in height so it won’t bother you through the years. They are very tough and don’t mind being neglected.

sanseveria advisce and how to take care

Do not forget…

Use a liquid fertilizer for green plants once a month, but only in spring and summer.

Remember it’s a toxic plant for cats and dogs so don’t let them chew the leaves

What about the pot?

The pot must be suitable to the height of the plant but you don’t need a very big one. If you use a terracotta pot, it will help water to drain. Enjoy playing with contrasts by using striped or spotted vases.

sanseveria advisce and how to take care

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