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At IMM Cologne I visited Trend Atmosphere, a reflection on Trends and how people react to them.

The show, curated by Floor Knaapen and Dick Spierenburg for IDEAT, defined seven prototypes, which portray a trend and have personified them into atmosphere.

The Nordic New

trendatmosphere imm cologne trend interni 2020

A lover of soft shades. Soft tones, soft shapes, soft materials, clear lines, clean finishes. Relives the search for the sunny optimism of the 50s in times of crisis: pastels are all over the place. She/he creates his own dream world – harmonious, peaceful, fresh, positive and bright. Inspired by nordic living, he/she looks ahead. The Nordic New is not afraid of the latest technologies such as 3D printing and candy coloured epoxy designs.

Creating the good life.

The Traveller

trendatmosphere imm cologne trend interni 2020

A botanic lover. The traveller is always looking for adventure, loves meeting people and experiencing new interactions with other cultures. She/he loves natural shades and shapes, also the tropical bright ones. Patterns including birds, flowers, jungle fever – no print is too crazy. A contemporary nomad, who is at one with flora and fauna, very handy and always full speed ahead. Tries to stay young and healthy as long as he can.

A better world, do it yourself.

The Romantic

trendatmosphere imm cologne trend interni 2020

A lover of feelings, sensuality and softness. Loves to be surrounded by velvet, lots of cushions and feminine shapes. The new boudoir, sunsets and nostalgic moments. Designs in shades of red and pink, combined in an exciting way. She/he is a sensory person and a big fan of cosiness and comfort. The romantic takes time for everyone and everything in an attentive way; emotional experiences are the key to happiness.

I heart.

The Minimalist

trendatmosphere imm cologne trend interni 2020

A lover of refined shapes and straight lines. The minimalist is not a big fan of colour, but instead loves modern shapes, graphic solutions. She/he likes to have control, a broad overview and gets excited about materials such as glass and stainless steel, mixed with marble and concrete. Always looking for new technologies, loves gadgets and is thrilled by the state of the art in modern designs. The minimalist is inspired by the future. Returning home after the day at work she/he longs for visual relaxation.

Less is more.

The collector

trendatmosphere imm cologne trend interni 2020

An art lover and modernist. The collector is drawn to older designs and patterns, which still inspire her/him. Inspiration from the past: Ettore Sottsass, Andy Warhol, Gerrit Rietvield. Fixed shapes and playful bright palettes of colours, originating from past times with little welfare when there was a need for long-lasting and timeless furniture. The collector is always critical and searching for collector’s items.

History repeat itself.

The Nightrider

trendatmosphere imm cologne trend interni 2020

Loves darkness and mysteries. A spicy person. The one that never sleeps. The one, who dives into the night for glamour and drinks. Her/his favourites are: blue steel, denim, graphite, navy tones and precious materials like silver, gold and crystals. Loves moody atmosphere in both public spaces and at home. The nightrider is brave, full of confidence and always looking for challenges.

Living on the edge.

The Materialist

trendatmosphere imm cologne trend interni 2020

A purist. Loves: wood, leather, cork and paper, inspired by nature. The materialist is always interested in experimenting, reasearch and originality. She/he seeks a contrast to the impressive digital worlds we live in, where we are overwhelmed by images and colours. Hence, the materialist needs to be surrounded by nature and simplicity. What suits her/him best is a black canvas with mental space for outside influences.

Back to basics.