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Decluttering means getting rid of useless objects; literally: to throw away whatever takes up room or doesn’t have a function.

Now, imagine every object you have, but don’t use. Think about the money, the feeling of weight they give and the time wasted to look for things.

Well, consider two things: the first is that we usually keep objects because they’re a security. The second one is that those objects entered our home in some way.

So, the two most important rules of decluttering are:

  1. Every single objects has been brought to your home. The problem appears on the inside, but comes from the outside.
  2. It doesn’t matter how good you are at making room. It will be totally useless if you’re not able to keep it free.

How to?

There many possibilities. You can even start from now, choose everyday a surface to tidy up, or choose every week to organize documents, throw away old receipts and magazines. It’s enough to make it regularly.

Then, there you are some tricks!

decluttering studio living interior


In the kitchen

The kitchen is probably one of the place we use the most. That’s why it’s the place where we pile up most of the objects. Have you never noticed that inside those drawers we ammass pieces of cutlery, plates, pans and whatever? It seems that hiding things inside the drawers make everything cleaner.

Are we sure? Here some suggestions to arrange objects in view:

  1. Magnetic plank for knives. It’s the perfect way to arrange the knives you always put in drawers.
  2. Little hanging baskets where to put spices and food.

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decluttering cucina living interior


In the studio

You know desks full of papers and folders? Forget them.

Use a metal or wood panel and hang it on the wall. Attach then what is really important and throw away the remainder. A clean and orderly desk instills good feelings.

We’re not use to vertical hanging furnishings, but they are advantageous to save room!

decluttering studio living interior


In the bedroom

The password is organization. It’s essential to keep a strict logic when arranging clothes and accessories.

  1. In a wardrobe or a dresser, throw what you don’t use anymore. Clean the inner space of the drawer and then start with the phase of redistribution.
  2. Arrange light clothes and the ones you use the most on the upper shelves.
  3. Divide the space into smaller sections. So, you’ll menage to easily find what you’re searching, even in the dark.

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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

No, the decluttering is not only a trend, also Marie Kondo reminds us of its importance.

In her essay The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up she suggests to get rid of objects that don’t give you joy anymore. You should proceed with a single category of objects: firstly, the clothes, the the books, the papers and so on. Only At the end, get rid of what you are emotionally related to, like photos and memories: these are the mot difficult things to throw away.

Careful! Before clearing you home from things that don’t give joy anymore, say thanks for the role they have played until that moment.

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