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Tortona has always represented a reference point for quality and trends, but in the last few years it has walked through hard times. Currently, something seems to have changed and Tortona turns again into a must-see of Fuorisalone, (thanks also to Nendo exhibit, of course).

Tortona finally manages to declare its mission: representing an experimental and narrative space for design, able to put in touch new approaches and new contemporary tendencies.

Tortona+design 2018 fuorisalone 2018 must-see milano design week 2018

Narrative Design”. That’s the inspiring theme around Tortona District. It is present in Tortona Rocks, at Opificio31 (at its 3rd edition already), in Via Savona, all around the exhibits and events at SuperStudio Più

Here you are some previews:


Tortona+design 2018 fuorisalone 2018 must-see milano design week 2018

The best of nordic design comes for the third time in Tortona district.


Housing spaces, free-time spaces, working spaces: the swiss project reflects a perspective on Helvetian contemporary design, in terms of style, function and availability.


Tortona+design 2018 fuorisalone 2018 must-see milano design week 2018

This comes from Germany and speculates possible future housing scenarios


Talking of empathy (have a look here), the japanese zen project aims to experiment the resonance between objects and human beings.


Tortona+design 2018 fuorisalone 2018 must-see milano design week 2018

That’s a projects with the aim of raising our awareness. Any/Everywhere is an installation conceived by Neri&Hu art directors, who, through the concept of space and context, call into question our relation with design.



The first edition of ASIA DESIGN PAVILLION, slightly out of Tortona, depicts news and trends directly from Asia, Middle and Far East.

However, Tortona Design Week is not only at Opificio31, but also in Superstudio Più, where you could find events and must-see exhibitions.



Superstudio Show 2018 in Superstudio Più (via Tortona 27), undoubtedly represents a reference point for the ones who want to deeply live the Milano Design week.

This year, a usual, the key words are “excellence, research, quality, less fair more museum

In order to reach these results, Gisella Borioli together with Giulio Cappellini, art director and protagonist of Superdesign Show 2018, conceived “Only the Best”. That’s a selection of big names, innovative projects, lifestyle tendencies, technologic solutions intended to improve our everyday life, countries protagonist of design like Japan and Egypt.

Here’s my selection of the events:


Tortona+design 2018 fuorisalone 2018 must-see milano design week 2018

Cappellini’s Superloft is an imaginary, but realistic house. You could explore every room of an hypothetical house, from the living room to the wellness room, from the kitchen to bedrooms, from the porch to the service ambiences. This Superloft is conceived as an international prototype, suitable for Milan, Paris or New York, Berlin or Shanghai.


Tortona Design Week 2018 Nendo

Nendo presents this year a misterious labyrinth of more than 800 mq. Ten different concepts based on the idea of moviment, coming from the function, the material or the method of production.

STILL JAPANTortona Design Week 2018 Kawai

If you are keen on Far East, in addition to exhibit of Oki Sato, you could visit Cristal Rain, the installation realized for Kawai by the Japanese artist Takahiro Matsuo; so, there are so many possibilities to discover the Japanese perspective!


“Design in the Age of the Experience” is a project aiming to offer a gaze to the future. Dassault Systèmes, trying to contrast the pollution, offers to Kengo Kuma and Associates the possibility of realizing a project exploiting the already-existing anti-pollution solutions.


Tortona Design Week 2018 Materialconnexion

You must see “Smart City: Materials, Technologies & People”, the exhibition created by Material ConneXion and sponsored by the City of Milan. It invites to reflect on the theme of intelligent cities starting from its inhabitants.


Tortona Design Week 2018 Ecobirdy

Ecobirdy is the new brand creating eco-design furniture. (curious?)


via Bergognone, 34

Here is where you could reflect on the new mass phenomenons and virtual nets changing our cities. The hub hosts an exhibit curated by Raumplan, which is a critic research on the “city making”, smart cities and new forms of urban redevelopment.


via Savona, 56Tortona Design Week 2018 Moooi

In Via Savona 56 Marcel Wanders invites the public to discover the innovation of the dutch brand Mooi. “A Life Extraordinary”: three exhibits in ones about the new textile and leather collection plus two special set-ups.


via Savona, 56

Tortona Design Week 2018 SonyDesign

This is a narration around connections between humans and technology. Hidden Senses is the experience presented by SonyDesign, which activates senses in order to perceive the reality in many different new ways.

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