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As far as I’m concerned, whenever I see a sofa without cushions, it looks empty, like it was missing something. Does it happen to you as well?

Cushions not only make more confortable you evenings in front of the tv or with your friend, but also easily express the style you chose for your home.

However, choosing the cushions must not be undervalued; it requires a pronounced sense of composition and taste for colours combination. You know, over the time I’ve seen real tragedies on the sofas I sat!

So, here your are some tips, to make your sofa a real doozy.

1. How many?

cushions how to set them on the sofaThe number must be more than three for a middle sized sofa and at least two for a 150 cm sofa. It exists a minimum number then, but not a maximum: you could choose to leave a little surface covered by cushions or, like in the picture, set a real cushions rain!

2. What sizes?

cushions how to set them on the sofaOk, this is the case to follow the common sense. It is neither appropriate to use tiny cushions for a wide sofa, nor oversized cushions for a little one.

Anyway, it is fun to play with shapes and sizes: we often wrongly think to the classic 20*20 cm cushion, but there are actually infinite possibilities. The more you vary on the theme, the more the result will be interesting.

3. How about the position?

cushions how to set them on the sofa



Cushions set next to the armrest reproduce a kind of “container” of the composition. Old-school interior designers will suggest a symetric effect (e.g. two cushions on the side and one in the middle), while I am not an enthusiast of this setting. It looks too rigid and innatural.

[Obviously this is the effect, if you want your hosts to sit on the sofa. If you prefer to express a “get-away-from-me” message, then old school technique is perfect!].

Back to us, there is not a real rule, but the one of be balanced. In the picture on the top, the composition is totally asymetric, but it’s visually pleasant.

4. How to choose the colours?cushions how to set them on the sofa

Of course I can’t answer this question without knowing the context. It would be crazy decree which colours are the right ones, if I didn’t know the house and its inhabitants.

Anyway, a project is necessary even for the cushions choice, which must be accorded to the entire project, the palette and an inspirational moodboard.

>>> Have a look to my moodboard.

So, just to get some inspiration, look at l’Opificio’s collection. The Turinese brand has more than 40 original models, hand-made unique creations, which are available in different sizes and design.

However, you must be careful. If you don’t possess a project, a palette or a moodboard, take into account the wall and the sofa colours. Opificio’s cushions easily match one to another, no matter the shape and the size. Whatsmore, they are double-face, so you can alway experiment new solutions!

5. And the fabric?

cushions how to set them on the sofaYou can choose whatever you want, from the prints to the velvet (which above all, can give the sense of preciousness)

>> read my post on velvet trend

My suggestion is Dare and Mix! Once you decided the rules and a colours palette, the best thing is moving inside the limits with lightness. Look at the fabrics and get inspired.

Do not forget the quality! You’ll be always in contact with the cushions, this is why the must be Formaldehydefree, like l’Opificio’s ones.


In collaboration with l’Opificio