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Senecio rowleyanus is an evergreen succulent, hailing from south-west Africa. It doesn’t require much care and it could potentially get a metre long. People say its little white flowers reminds the scent of cinnamon. In order to facilitate its blooming, you’d better not to expose it to a heat source, especially in winter time.

Genre: Senecio

Species: Senecio Rowleyanus

Family: Asteraceae

Also known as string of pearls because of the globe shape of the leaves, like they were beads of a rosary or even a pearl necklace.

Senecio Rowleyanus tips and advice

How to make it happy?

Like every succulent, it settle for a few but fundamental attentions. It need a lot of light, it grows even when exposed to the direct rays of the sun. During summer it requires to be regularly watered, but not in great quantity, while in winter time it doesn’t need as much water. The medium temperature must not get lower then 10° C and be careful not to expose it to cold draft. It doesn’t suffer from dry period, but it’s important not to create stagnation, so make sure that the vase has some holes to drain the water.

Senecio Rowleyanus tips and advice

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Where to set it?

Senecio rowleyanus is perfect to hang! Its falling shape reminds of a roof garden. It may be set on a windowsill, a shelf, a bookshelf or even hung on a lamp. It’s important it receives the right dose of light and has the proper space to grow up.

Senecio Rowleyanus tips and advice

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Not to forget…

Fertilize once a month during springs and cold months with a specific liquid fertilizer for succulent plants. 

It’s an easy-cutting-reproducing plant, but remember: it’s toxic for children and animali domestici, put it far from them.

Senecio Rowleyanus tips and advice

What about the vase?

A hanging vase is a good solution, there’s no need of a deep vase, because the roots system of the Senecio doesn’t need a lot of depth. Plastico or rattan are the perfect materials not tu result to heavy.

We used Veca vase, an Italian brand which produces high quality plastic vase: the pictures show the Living and Cleo. the collections.

Senecio Rowleyanus tips and advice

Pictures: Davide Buscaglia

Styling: Valeria Icardi e Carlotta Berta

Cover: Francesca Infantino

Plants: Yougardener

Vases: Veca Spa

Accessories: Epoca Spa

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