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Winter has come and everyone feels it. It’s time again to get used to the freezing cold when you get out of bed and when you struggle to move the fingers out of pockets.

However, winter also has a bright side: it’s the season of tea and herbal tea, to be slowly sipped on a sofa in front of a fireplace or a book. And, if it is served in a beautiful teapot, well, the wellness will be even more!

Here you can find five example of teapots, worth a gift!

Sääpäiväkirja teapot by Marimekko

Marimekko design teapots living


It’s a habit for the Finnish brand Marimekko to call its collection with mouthful Finnish names. Actually, every name has its own meaning, which should explain the story of every object. For example, Sääpäiväkirja means “weather diary” and, in fact, every article recalls a different weather condition, from the morning light to the golden hour of sunset.

The illustrations are made by the Finnish illustrator Aino-Malja Metsola and the teapot represents evanescent atmospheres, reminding me of Camargue’s sunsets.

Kettle Teapot by Menu

Menu design teapots living


Realized by Norm architects, the Teapot by Menu is a wonderful Scandinavian interpretation of the eastern teapots. The transparent glass allows you to observe how the brew spreads in the water, as if it was clouds or even smoke. Kettle Teapot by Menu, then, not only is a taste experience, but also a visual one!

The little egg for the brew is in the centre of the teapot and it’s connected to the lid through a special string. That way, it could be put and removed at ease.

Teapot by Alma Gemèa

Alma Gemea design teapots living


Alma Gemèa (“soul mate” in English) is a Portuguese brand, whose mission is producing house accessories with cork by the Portuguese multinational company together with ceramic.

The teapot is part of the collection called The Whistler, by the designer Raquel Castro; the name comes from one of the most ancient cork trees in the world, present in Portugal, in the region of Alentejo; even the process of production and the shape of the objects recall the Alentejan tradition of modelling the ceramic.

Theo Teapot by Stelton

Theo Stelton design teapots living


Stelton chose the designer Francis Cayouette to realize its Theo Teapot. Again, like the Menu Teapot, nordic design and Japanese culture meets up in a simple, but elegant artefact.

The association of the body in stoneware and the handle made in bamboo gives the teapot an idea of unpredictable lightness. Every article has been created to trigger each sense while you’re drinking the brew: thanks to its opaque texture and its soft shape you’ll feel welcomed and cuddled.

Cha Weiss by Rosenthal

design teapots living cha weiss rosenthal

Federica Capitani designed the whole tea set of the collection Cha for Rosenthal. A slinky and continuous shape defines the aesthetics of the collection: elegance is its main characteristic.

Its shiny white porcelain gives the sense of preciousness to the teapot, which becomes the perfect object to flaunt on a shelf of the kitchen

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