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Colourful bathroom: That’s the new trend for the bathrooms, not only as far as the surfaces are concerned, but also for the furniture.

In the search of originality in a project, focusing on the choice of baths and washbasins is fundamental. For this reason the attention of the companies of bathroom furnishings shifted to the colours and the shapes. As usual, antoniolupi is a forerunner in this field.

antoniolupi FLUMOOD bathroom

For years antoniolupi has been investing in the research, forseeing new trends not only in terms of colours and style, but also in terms of materials.

In 2001 the Italian enterprise was the first to present washbasins and shower trays in Corian; in 2007 it introduces Cristalplant and Ceramilux and in 2015 it creates FlUMOOD and lately CRISTALMOOD, which we’ve already talked about.

Back to FLUMOOD…

antoniolupi FLUMOOD bathroom

FLUMOOD is compound material realized from a mixture of aluminium hydroxide and synthetic resins with a low level of styrene.

It’s a compact material, lacking of porosity, ecologic, non-toxic and easy to be cleaned; that’s why it’s used by antoniolupi for bearing surfaces, washbasins and baths.

Its being ductil lets to create smooth, homogeneous and pleasant-touching surfaces, but most importantly they are resistant. In case of scratches, burn marks, or even simple wear, indeed they can be easily restored.

Lately antoniolupi have presented some elements in colourful FLUMOOD, which strikes for their full colours in this delicate and compact material.

Ago85 | freestanding washbasin

antoniolupi FLUMOOD bathroom

With is sinuous shape and strong reference to the furniture of the past, Ago85 is a floor-standing washbasin, with clean-cut lines; It’s like an icon of the bathroom furnishings that has been revisited by antoniolupi: a washbasin simple in its aspect and harmonic in the profile.

In its version colourful FLUMOOD, Ago85 turns into a central element of the bathroom, able to draw the eye and attract whoever around.

Mastello | the ergonomic bath in Flumood

antoniolupi FLUMOOD bathroom

Another example of colourful FLUMOOD is Mastello, a bath of 135 cm, letting small bathrooms be functional and ergonomics, thanks to the built-in seat and the elevated edge as a headrest.

In brief, the first features of Mastello as fluidity and sinuousity; two aspects which are furtherly boosted by the antoniolupi’s desaturated palette and by the tactile sensation that Flumood can give.

A small oasis of relax: that’s how antoniolupi defines Mastello; in fact it’s not difficult to picture yourself totally immerged in the water, the head delicately backed on the velvety surface and the arms abandoned on its fluid and welcoming edges.

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Well, if the colour turns into the new trend of the bathroom, the motif and the geometry definetely collaborate with it,in order to create real architectures.

This play of lines and perspectives is enhanced thanks to the new mirror collection by antoniolupi, which perfectly matches with FLUMOOD.

Spicchio | the mirror showing its side B

antoniolupi FLUMOOD bathroom

Spicchio is a collection of backlit mirrors with smooth and simple profiles, which in their biggest dimension could get self-standing mirrors or paired in two or more elements. That’s why Spicchio could be considered a dynamic element; it not only has the function of a mirror, but it can also widen the space in front of him and double the elements and the volumes of the room.

I’ve already talked about mirrors by antoniolupi in this post about COLLAGE, the art mirror by antoniolupi

The attention to the shapes, to the materials and to avery element is increasingly strong in the bathroom. There’s a meticulous care for the details and the relation between the composing elements, confirming the long-lasting research of complete balance and harmony.

What’s your opinion about it? Do you prefer colourful bathrooms or more neutral shades?


This post was written in collaboration with antoniolupi. As usual the opinions are mine and the pictures are Davide Buscaglia’s. Hope you are willing to support the brands supporting my blog in turn