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White interiors. You can decorate with the color white. As long as you don’t suffer from horror vacui.

The color white is like a canvas: it’s the color that, more than any other, reflects the light. That’s right: white IS a color, at least when we’re talking about interior design. It’s the color that makes our interiors brighter.

A house with white walls is certainly a bright house, and so you’ll perceive wider spaces. What’s more, white walls have the great power of adding value to whatever else there’s in that room.

White – PANTONE 000C

I’m currently designing a “total white” house and the work started from the definition of the spaces. My client wanted to have a big living area, with the kitchen separated from the sitting room, and so I made some research to understand with her what was the perfect element to add to the color white to make her house perfect for her.

But let’s get back to what we were saying…

Decorating with white: how to?

white interiors trend inspiration

1. In contrast with black

Black lines is a trend I talked to you about in January: a white base, black lines. Nothing is to be taken for granted. Black water fittings, black grout lines, black profiles: aluminum is replaced with a matt black, which makes everything more precious and elegant.

2. With wooden inserts

Wood is a material that softens white spaces: it’s the lesson of Scandinavian design. There’s nothing more relaxing than a white house with some delicate touches of wood: chairs, tables, counters, but also pieces of furniture. It’s important that the design of the wooden inserts be impeccable, because they will be the protagonists. And if you’re decorating an attic, you hit the jackpot!

3. Total white

Total white doesn’t require any explanation, but I want to give you a tip. If you want an entirely white house, you need to choose an awesome floor. I’d recommend you a chevron-patterned hardwood floor, like the best parisian apartments.

I leave you with other inspirational pictures.

white interiors trend inspiration

| Leibal |

white interiors trend inspiration

| Leibal |

white interiors trend inspiration

| House and Garden |

white interiors trend inspiration

| myscandinavianhome |

white interiors trend inspiration

fashion lab |

white interiors trend inspiration

| myscandinavianhome |white interiors trend inspiration

| scandinavianhomedesigns |

white interiors trend inspiration

| daily dream decor |

white interiors trend inspiration

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